My Brilliant Babywearing Business

Zoë Woodman, The Sling Consultancy

Chatting with Zoe I am instantly struck by how she is a woman who creates a path for herself and then follows it. Something which has been the case throughout her adult life. This is why she is such a fantastic example of how you can create a career within the carrying industry. Zoe is a babywearing consultant and coach with a passion for the wellbeing of future generations. This is what drives her but it all started with a new baby, house move and the local NCT group.

Moving to a new area with a small baby back in 2010 Zoe joined a local parents group to meet other new mums and dads in the area. She ended up volunteering and this in turn led to the formation of a sling library with another Mum. She had always used slings, like many of us by initially using what a friend had recommended. Zoe certainly wasn’t aware that her purchase of a baby carrier would bring new friends, skills, knowledge and ultimately a mission into her life.

There are sling libraries all over the country created in much the same way. A couple of passionate parents getting together and sharing their knowledge and experience of carrying their children with others. Often they have quite a collection of slings and this in turn becomes a lending library. It’s a fantastic way to try out what works for you and your child before committing to buying anything.

It wasn’t until 2016 that Zoe and her friend took the Slingababy Consultancy course and from the very start she wanted to run a professional business. The Sling Consultancy was created and Zoe had a clear vision of how her business would be and the market she was aiming at, her name and logo reflecting this. Zoe offered consultations at family homes alongside continuing to volunteer at the sling library.

Promoting the science of carrying your child came along later but it defines Zoe’s approach to babywearing. Attachment and carrying are good for your child’s brain, the science demonstrates this and her work is to ensure the healthy development of infants and onwards right up into adulthood. It sounds ambitious. She is absolutely clear about this core aim and I am so impressed with the clarity with which she discusses it but also her understanding of the longevity of her goal.

It’s not the only thing Zoe is absolutely passionate about, one of the founders of ‘My Brilliant Babywearing Business’ a coaching group for those working as sling librarians, consultants and others in this industry. Many women in this field find it difficult to charge for their time and the support they give to others, one of the main elements to this group is to help them see value in what they do. It is inspiring to hear her talk in this way and it’s evident that Zoe must be a role model to many just starting out or feeling overwhelmed with their work.

Alongside her consultancy, coaching and enjoying her busy family life Zoe is writing articles, running training courses and being central to this vibrant and growing industry. I can’t wait to see what else is along the way for Zoe and to see her achieve her final goal, influencing the way we all parent to ensure that our children grow up with the best chances possible in their future. Go Zoe!

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