Introducing Inspirational Women in Babywearing

Despite having two small children, recently moved into a new area and having no experience in manufacturing or retail, in 2012 I became the owner of Sleepy Nico. I spent 8 years running this wonderful British baby brand and it was an incredible experience. As a child though running a manufacturing business hadn’t featured on my when I grow up list.

In fact, I had wanted to do lots of different things including be a doctor, a sweet shop owner and a novelist. The writing stuck with me though but for many reasons despite dabbling a little I did a lot of other jobs including being a librarian, a recruitment consultant, working in a garden centre, IT trainer and an administrator.

Sleepy Nico was the first thing I stuck at and I loved the way it fitted in with my family and gave me the opportunity to bring joy and comfort to other parents.

At the end of 2020 I sold Sleepy Nico and decided this was the moment to follow one of my childhood dreams. So I am starting with what I know – babywearing. One of the things I loved most about working in the babywearing industry were the amazing and inspirational women I met. Now I have the priviledge of documenting their stories.

Angeline x

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